I sat there in the dark night, listening to the sounds of my youth echoing off the mountains behind me.

I heard a faint rustle yards away. The dark and dreams are one and the same, both like to play games. I rested my head onto the soft pillow before me and curled into the sleeping bag. The tent provided some kind of whimsical barrier from the outside. I left one little window open to gaze at the stars. Sleep tried to nestle close. While I slowly began to rest my eyes, I became blinded by a flash of light right beyond the first few hills. It was then I realized I remembered it all. … 


Ugh, that’s the worst. What happened?! Who was there? What rested beyond those hills? HOW DOES IT END?!

A wonderful story left untold is really upsetting. What if Shakespeare didn’t get to tell his tales or James Cameron’s Titanic didn’t exist? There are a number of incredible stories out there, just waiting for us to find them. And we’d like to find a way to tell more of them!

Here is where the Bearwalk shirts come in. The proceeds of the Bearwalk shirts will go towards helping those stories come alive! So when you buy a Bearwalk shirt or donate using the link below, you’re helping to tell a story. And for that and so much more, we thank you!

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